Goodwood Revival Meeting 2016 - The Spirit of the Golden Era of Racing

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In the 1930s through 1960s racing was a popular happening attracting many people. People were looking forward to those wonderful days where excitement, joy, and social networking replaxed daily worries and activities. The Goodwood Revival Meeting enables visitors to re-live the spirit of those days. The Meeting was founded in 1998 by Lord March and has since seen an ever-increasing popularity.


20160909_NIKON D750_278120160909_NIKON D750_2781


To understand that spirit, you have to close your eyes and imagine yourself driving a classic car on the narrow roads of the English country side. You smell a mixture of oil and nature while you skillfully take corners, avoid brick walls and trees near the road, and watch out for people walking or cycling. As you get closer to the Goodwood Estate and race track, your excitement rises. You park your car and walk to the entrance. You hear the roaring sound of racing engines and see a couple of your friends waiting for you at the entrance.  Now, forward to Goodwood Revival 2016. The Revival pays a homage to the classic days and “Golden Era” of car racing, also in 2016. A central theme for this year’s edition was the 50th anniversary of the 1966 world cup match between England en Germany. It is common practice that visitors attend in the 40s, 50s and 60’s vintage costume, adding to this truly amazing event, full of cameraderie, nostalgia and joy. A unique characteristic is the opportunity for spectators to see the cars, touch the cars and talk to the drivers, thanks to the owners of these often extremely rare cars and to the sponsors.  Let me try to describe my feeling of happiness when I went through the gate. A group of people of dressed as fans of the English soccer team cheered and sung. “England, England…”. When someone was dressed in vintage German outfit or law-and-order outfit there was booing, but in a cheerful way.  Even the grumpiest person had to smile with such a welcome, independent of their outfit and nationality. There was an immediate sense of cameraderie. I had decided to wore an orange tie which helped me remain neutral during my “trip” through the gate. After entering the gate, we were welcomed by other people as shown in these photos:


20160909_NIKON D750_242120160909_NIKON D750_2421

20160909_NIKON D750_245520160909_NIKON D750_2455

Everyone is dressed in an outfit from the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s. I spoke with someone from Sweden who told me that such a thing is only possible in England: “in Sweden people would look at you as if you were crazy. Here people look at you as if you are crazy if you do not dress to the occasion”. It is really the atmosphere that catches you. People smile, are approachable, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. There is no need to be a race car or race aficionado to love the event. You feel the cameraderie and heritage.


20160909_NIKON D750_351420160909_NIKON D750_3514


You would almost forget it is a racing event! Nevertheless, classic car racing is a key characteristic of this event. Many owners of very rare cars are kind enough to allow people to see rare cars race against each otherat the challenging race track. Drivers include names such as David Coulthard, Tom Kristensen, and many others. Many people believe that these types of events will grow at the expense of F1 events. During a forum discussion organized by Credit Suisse that included - racing giants of earlier years - in alphabetical order - Derek Bell, David Brabham, Alain de Cadenet, David Franchitti, Jochen Mass and Sir Sterling Moss, it was concluded that these events bring people closer to where they come for: to enjoy themselves.  It is possible to get close to cars and motors, to talk with drivers and to discuss the specifics with mechanics during three days.


20160910_NIKON D750_397520160910_NIKON D750_3975 20160909_NIKON D750_350420160909_NIKON D750_3504

20160910_NIKON D750_412520160910_NIKON D750_4125


However, it does not stop with classic car and motor racing. There is also aviation:


20160909_NIKON D750_288220160909_NIKON D750_2882


Even the children get into the spotlights during their own race.


20160911_NIKON D750_471520160911_NIKON D750_4715



And when you have enough of viewing cars, motors, planes, and racing you could always enjoy yourself with shopping, music and a huge fair.


20160911_NIKON D750_484120160911_NIKON D750_4841


Or just relax....


20160911_NIKON D750_479720160911_NIKON D750_4797


All in all, I am infected by a passion for this event.....


- Peter


More photos can be found in this album:










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