A visual cue is an image that triggers an emotion, brings back a memory, or makes you think. I do not use a particular style. Before I take a photo, I also think about the way to process the image afterwards. To me, the shooting and the postprocessing are two sides of the same coin. I do not intend to build a story or 'decisive moment' in a photo. I encourage you, as a viewer of my photographs, to build your own story. I have succeeded when multiple stories can be found in my photos.


As a believer in "learning by doing" I learned photography by doing and viewing tons of photos of others, amateurs and professionals. I like to be challenged by others in becoming better everyday. 


I want to stay as close as possible to what I observe - in real or in my mind - and move as freely and unobtrusive around. I like to work with as less equipment as possible. A small camera with just a 35mm lens can be enough. 


Professionally I focus on watch, lifestyle, and event photography. I also write for Monochrome-watches.com. But I basically like any type of photography. There are so many things in our world that are worth capturing: nature, people, architecture, social interactions. Colors, patterns, symmetries, contrast inspire me as well. 


 Each image freezes a moment in time. A moment that can be enjoyed, remembered, nurtured or learned from.